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Our current Client list covers a varied and ever-growing list of sectors. Our services are fully scalable, and we would be delighted to discuss the needs of any Client, whatever their speciality or niche market.

Data Centres

Data centre power is mission critical to the operation of any datacentre, whether for banking or ISP facilities. Modelling a Data Centres power system can ensure that any development or operational changes to a system can be fully tested, before major physical updates are made, to ensure security and integrity of power availability is maintained or improved.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturing demands not only complex power distribution requirements, but also high levels of hygiene in the design and selection of electrical equipment. These systems are continuously changing with product demand. Modelling the power distribution network can enable quick analysis of proposed process changes when making investment or operating decisions.


Industrial complexes, whether for manufacturing or processing products and materials can require a significant power demand and require extensive power distribution networks involving both HV and LV systems and equipment. Creating a power system model of the distribution network can provide benefits for the design and management of these complex systems.


Ports and harbour installations often create geographic challenges in terms of providing power to the right locations within the site. Digital design creates a flexible and accurate tool for the large distribution networks within these sites, usually including multiple substation, lengthy cable distribution runs, significant and inherent diversity and multiple grid connections.

Oil and Gas

Power System modelling software tools provide detailed analysis of the types and variations of electrical system equipment, voltages and frequencies found in an offshore environment.Load-flow, Transient Stability, Fault Studies, Arc flash risk assessment and Protection Coordination are essential analysis for the isolated generator-based systems found in an offshore static platform or FPSO.

Power Generation

Embedded Power Generation can have a significant impact on both local and distribution network systems in terms of stability of voltage and frequency. Compliance with Grid/Distribution Codes and G59/G99/G100 is essential. Digital design using ETAP/EMTP-RV software can investigate the impact of adding generating plant to your system before significant capital investment is made.


Wind and Solar generation are the future. Considerations need to be made in the design of these installations including available grid connection capacity, system stability, variation in generating capacity. Modelling the proposed system at an early stage can provide detailed data needed when discussing grid connection with the local DNO/Grid company and can also provide the data necessary to obtain grid code compliance and connection agreement.


Transportation systems require a variety of AC and DC voltages. Particularly the rail Industry has significant use of AC and DC traction power voltages for powering rolling stock. Use of ETAP modelling tools including the ETrax module which is specifically developed to model, analyse and monitor the traction distribution network, which can also be done in real time, tracking rolling stock to multiple time tables, through the system as it draws power from the system.

Water and Wastewater

A fundamental and significant part of our society’s infrastructure, treatment facilities and pumping stations sometimes require significant power demand. Extensive use of non-linear equipment requires analysis of harmonics on the plant to ensure compliance with G5/5 standards. Large motor starting at pumping facilities can have a heavy impact on the local DNO network requiring P28 studies to assess impact on the local network. Modelling these systems can provide the data required for ensuring DNO compliance.


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