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Why Us?

Delta Matrix broad range of experience enables to provide services including, scoping, costing, feasibility studies, preliminary design, detailed design, power system analyses, installation and commissioning technical support...

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What We Do?

Delta Matrix, engineers, deliver collaborative support to our Clients within a broad range of industries to develop Electrical and Control System designs from concept to completion enabling our Clients optimal delivery of their projects...

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Client Focus!

Our philosophy and mission is to work collaboratively with our Clients, focusing on the engineering and design aspect of multidiscipline projects, providing engineering expertise to facilitate efficient delivery of optimum engineering solutions...

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Our IDEA approach embraces the philosophy to Innovate, Design, Engineer and Analyse which allows us to work with our Clients and deliver projects to the highest practical standard whilst optimising project quality, timescales and costs...

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The importance of a well developed practical design to the success of multidiscipline and technically complex projects. It is not unusual that approximately 80% of issues experienced on projects occur due to poorly defined scope and therefore design requirements.

In fact many of the problems occur because the front end scope is not clearly considered, hence, design development is adversely affected. The initial result of these shortcomings means that procurement of major lead equipment is either delayed or incorrectly specified. Furthermore, the design process is extended due to rework associated with scope changes, drift and escalation. This in turn drives the construction costs up and extends project timescales unnecessarily.

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Delta Matrix IDEA. Innovate, Design, Engineer and Analyse is our time proven approach to engineering.

A simple and innovative engineering processes put in place at the outset of a project could avoid the common pitfalls that are experience time after time. We at Delta Matrix provide the missing link by focusing on determining the project scope in order to define design deliverables in collaboration with our Clients. Our innovative approach delivers successful results during the project lifecycle ensuring that the design and engineering processes are optimised to deliver value to our Clients. Furthermore, our processes are continuously monitored and analysed with feedback provided in the form of adjustment, gap analyses and optimisation. These services are offered as an integral part of the design and engineering process to support our Clients procurement, installation, testing and commissioning phases of a project if required.

Stakeholder Collaboration and Feedback. Determines the success of a project.

We at Delta Matrix believe that successful projects are a direct result of collaboration between all stakeholders and their project teams underpinned by implementation of well defined design and engineering processes. We also believe that collaboration is imperative during post project completion analyses of lessons learned. This approach accurately determines the positive and negative aspects experienced during the project lifecycle for future project optimisation of cost, time and quality. We find that this process is invaluable in expanding the stakeholders future expertise particularly analysing and understanding the impact of decisions made during the project lifecycle.

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